Inspired by...Chanel

I originally posted that I saw this on Pinterest and it reminded me of some F21 stuff I'd seen recently. A reader (thanks Celia!) commented with the link to the original image, which is from Vogue UK and the sweater shown below is listed as Chanel. Gorgeous!!

Here are two sweaters that I spotted on Forever 21 that instantly came to mind when I saw the above photo. Love the Chanel sweater above? Click on either item below to add either of the inspired by sweaters below to your wardrobe.


Unknown said...

The original picture came from Vogue UK:

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thank you Celia!! Looks like the sweater is Chanel. I will update the post with the info. :)

House of Avandan said...

I like the color combo!

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