Inspired by...Pinterest

I spotted this look on Pinterest and fell in love. I think all of the colors are fantastic.

I found a very similar (probably the exact) shirt at Nordstrom, it's a little pricey but you can make up for it with the budget friendly skirt and cardigan. I wasn't able to find an exact pair of sunglasses, so I chose a similar color palatte with a different style of sunglasses. I'd probably pair this with some neutral flats or sandals (for spring/summer). Click on any image below for more information.


Chelsea Mac said...

I loved this look so much in the Nordstrom January catalog that I just went ahead and bought the skirt and the shirt. Not terribly bad, but the skirt you offered is a MUCH more budget friendly option.

Tiffany Larson said...

I saw this shirt in the catalog and fell in LOVE but it's out of my budget right now. I'm hoping to find a less expensive option!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Tiffany - check H&M, I heard they have one, but no online store obviously.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely the best at recreating a look.

Many try to do it, but I haven't seen anyone as good as you!!