Style Me Saturday: Miami Work Looks

A reader wrote in with the following email:

"Love your blog! I often search for new ideas and looks. I often see others ask for your style advice and since I'm in bit of a rut I was wondering if you could come to my help.

I am 25 years old and just landed the job of my dreams working as a hospitality sales representative for a leading furniture company. However, day in and day out when I meet with trendy designers I never feel up to par.

This job is in Miami where trend is everything! I was wondering if you could put together five looks that would get me going and make a great first impression on my clients.

FYI, I love bold prints and showing some leg! LOVE heels and the taller the better! I'm only 5' so I wear them all the time. I also should mention I am built like Kim Kardashian - busty and curvy. Also a huge fan of color and modern prints. Floral is not my thing."

Here are the five looks I put together for the reader, click on any image for more information or to purchase!

This third look is inspired by the Alice + Olivia photo I found (far right). The reader loves color, so I threw in the option of some bright colored pumps:

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Meli said...

LOVE the third look. Meeting someone in an outfit like that would really set some high expectations!