J Crew Bubble Necklace

J Crew's bubble necklace is a favorite among bloggers and retails for $150 (available in various color options).
J.Crew at ShopStyle

Vestique's bauble burst necklace offers a similar look for only $40 (though limited availablity!) and also comes in yellow. Click HERE to view or purchase.

ILY COUTURE on Etsy also offers a great look for less, retailing for $49. Click HERE to view her store (my picks are the pink or turquoise options!) Which color is your favorite?


Emily @ Little Bits of Delight said...

I bought a $15 version on ebay! It came from China, so shipping took forever, but it was worth the wait! ;)

My one complaint was that the necklace was a MAJOR statement - it's really big. J.Crew now sells a smaller version on their site for $88, which is also a pretty good deal.

Lemonade and Lipgloss said...

I just posted about Bubble Necklaces on my blog. Love them! I agree with the comment above, you can find great ones on ebay! Check out my blog: http://lemonadeandlipgloss.blogspot.com/