The End of an Era

Hey guys. Ugh, it's so frustrating to have to write this post, but here we are. 

The backstory if you're new here - I started this blog in 2007, yes, a million years ago now. It's been something I always come back to even if I don't post as regularly as I did back in the day - life happens, you know?! Since starting this blog I got married, divorced, moved to two different states, started 2 businesses, and that's just the highlights. 

Anyways, about 2 or 3 years ago - likely during the pandemic if I'm remembering correctly, I went to login to blog and realized that my domain had expired. Because my email for this blog is primarily spam/sales, etc I don't check it regularly and because of that I missed the renewal emails urging me to update my payment information. 

So, long story short - my CC on my domain was an old/expired card and the domain lapsed and a random person bought it and now it's a Thai spam site. I bought the closest thing I could do the original, thinking maybe it would be easy for people to find me even though the old domain changed, but it's close enough to the old domain/now spam site that it's getting flagged as dangerous and blocked entirely. 

All this to say, I've finally given up after trying all the things to get the site back working properly. So, this is goodbye officially to look4less.net - 16 years, not a bad run, eh? 

I am working on a new project (more to be revealed soon) but in the interim I'll still be sharing my favorite look 4 less finds over on Substack which you can find HERE, and you can follow me on Instagram or LTK for the finds as well. 

I'm so sad to do this, but it's been so frustrating I really don't see any other options. Hope to connect with you again soon via one of the links above.

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