Line Marlene Cardigan - *Updated 11/13/09*

See bottom of post for update!

This super cute cardigan by Line comes in several different colors and was recently spotted on the CW's show Privileged (photo from cwtv.com). It retails for $262 at Luv Charlie.

If you want a cardigan like the Line one but are trying to save a little $, try this version from Ann Taylor Loft. It's priced at a much lower $59, and you can click on the photo below to purchase. (It's only available in cream online, maybe check your local store to see if they have the black or grey).

Ann Taylor Loft at ShopStyle

*Updated - 1/28/09* - The Ann Taylor Loft sweater appears to be sold out online, so if you missed out on that one...try this version from ArdenB. It retails for $48 and you can click on the photo below to purchase. It's also available in black and a lime green color.

Arden B at ShopStyle

*Updated - 8/18/09* - If you missed out on both versions above, Forever 21 now has a look for less of this sweater which retails for $24.80 and also comes in coral. Click on the photo below to purchase.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

*Update - 11/13/09* - All of the previous updates seem to be sold out, but Nordstrom now has a similar sweater that retails for $69. It comes in red, black, or gray and you can click here to purchase.


Jordyn said...

wow...i've been checking your blog out for about two months now and wanted to finally post and say...thank you for doing such an awesome job!!! I had never ventured into Forever 21 before (the techno dance music and 14 year old girls scared me away). But your blog encouraged me to stop in yesterday afternoon and I was amazed at what I found. I got 4 tops to wear out...tops that I would normally spend 80-100 bucks per top were 10-25 at 4ever21. WOW!!! I'm not buying everything there but what a great way to stretch my clothing budget...THANKS!!!

Christina said...

LOOOOOVE this sweater. I am totally going to buy it. Love your blog and I plan on blogging about your blog as one of my favorite things next week.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Christina - Thanks so much! I just checked out your blog - what a great idea!! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts when I get time, and I added it to my favorite blogs. Thanks again for your comment. :)

Unknown said...

This sweater is too cute, but all three places are sold out. Do you know of any others like it?

J @ The Look 4 Less said...


Nordstrom has one now for $69:

None said...

J, you are really good at this! Your blog is a treasure trove. I can see that over time you are going to be saving me money. Thank you.