Chanel Bow Front Bootie

Reader Alexis actually mentioned these to me in an email, so thank you!

These Chanel bow front booties were worn by actress Emily Vancamp (Brothers & Sisters) at a Chanel event back in September. They retail for $1500 and also come in a white tulle version. (Photo credit)

If you want a similar shoe for a lot less, Go Jane now has a version of this bootie and it retails for $22.10. It's also available in red, gold, or silver and you can click here to purchase.

As reader Emily mentioned in the comments, Poetic License has a pair of booties that are also very similar. They retail for $128.95 and you can click on the photo below to purchase.

Poetic Licence at ShopStyle


Chloe said...

I can't decide how I feel about these. On one hand, I love them to death. On the other, I keep wondering- what in the heck to wear them with? Think, Chloe, think! :D

Emily said...

Also the Poetic Licence 'Glitz & Glam' Bootie is very similar, and comes in tons of colors :)