MCQ Moiré Full Skirt Mini Dress

MCQ's gorgeous ladylike mini dress retails for $535 at Net-A-Porter.

McQ by Alexander McQueen at ShopStyle

Although a little longer (possibly easily remedied by a great tailor?), this Merona Collection dress is a fantastic alternative to the MCQ version above. It has the same boatneck and full skirt, and retails for a much more budget friendly $39.99. Click on the photo below to purchase.

Merona at ShopStyle

Which dress do you prefer, the splurge or the budget friendly find?


Mandiferous said...

My first instinct is to say I like the Merona dress better because it's something I could actually afford. Then I get over my issues of being cheap and actually compare the two. While the fuchsia zipper in the back of the MCQ dress is a wonderful twist on the LBD, I'm not so into the faux wood grain. Also, I think the little belt on the Merona dress really adds some class and finishes the outfit. Final vote: Merona.

MonkeyBaby said...

If price was no object, I like the splurge. I want a dress with an exposed back zipper and love that detail. But I much prefer the save version price and for the savings could live with it. I actually prefer the longer length as I think it is more wearable for me.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Mandiferous - I have to agree - I prefer the Merona version as well (although I do love the fuschia zipper on the back of the McQ). Thanks for commenting!

MonkeyBaby - Thanks for your comment, and I agree - I think the Merona version is more wearable due to it's length!

Lauren said...

I really like the second one better, largely because of it's price. Although I do like the way the skirt goes so away from the body in the first one :)

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Soccerrocker - I like that about the first one as well!