New Features for 2010!

In order to make the blog more interactive for you, the readers, I've decided to implement some new features (thanks to Amber for sending me some great feedback/ideas!). The first one you may have already noticed at the bottom of the posts, but in case you haven't - in order to generate more discussion (hopefully), I'll be asking questions at the end of various posts that I really hope you will take a few seconds to answer!

The second feature is going to be "What I'm Wearing", which is pretty self explanatory (this feature will be posted only occasionally on the weekends at this point). Just as a warning: my style is pretty basic (think Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston's style rather than Sienna Miller or Kate Moss) because my lifestyle is pretty easygoing, so heels are usually special occasion only items and my "uniform" almost always revolves around jeans! I hope I won't bore you all to tears with my outfits, and definitely feel free to comment with how you might accessorize or change it to suit your personal style! Inspiration is always appreciated. :)

The third feature I would like to have on The Look 4 Less is "Style Me Saturday" where (I'm hoping!) a reader will send in a photo of an outfit they're not sure of, or maybe they just feel like it needs a little something extra. I will post the photo (yes, you can totally chop your head off for the photo, in case you were wondering!) and add how I would style/change the outfit - as well as ask you, the readers, to comment with how you would style it! That way the subject of the post will get tons of different options, and we all might get a little fashion inspiration from reading what others have to say. Edited to add: A reader commented below with a great take on this idea! She suggested having readers email a photo or link to a clothing item they aren't sure how to wear and I could post items I think might work (as well as opening up the comments to readers for more styling tips!).

I really want this to become a great fashion community, as well as consistently providing you all with great look 4 less options, and hopefully some of these new features will help the blog grow even more in 2010!

Questions? Want to submit a photo or an item you aren't sure how to wear/what to pair with it for "Style Me Saturday"? Email me at lookforless@gmail.com

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new features, please feel free to comment below!


Unknown said...

These ideas sounds great! Looking forward to seeing them :-)

Lauren said...

Could you maybe also do a post where a reader sends in a picture of a clothing item that they're not sure how to wear, and you could post things that would go with it?

Coley said...

Love the new features! Definitely looking forward to reading them!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Gigi and Coley!

Soccerrocker - That is a great idea! I'll add that to the post now.

s2f said...

I love the ideas! I vote for Style me Saturday so readers have one extra day on the weekend to make purchases based upon your inspiration :)


J @ The Look 4 Less said...

^ Good idea! I'll take your advice and go for Style me Saturday! :) Thanks for commenting!

None said...

I'm a casual/jeans person too, so I look forward to seeing your outfits!

Kristen said...

Awesome idea! I love it! I think this will be really great, I know I'll be sending in some questions!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Lady Cardigan - Thanks, glad to see there are other casual/jeans people out there! :)

Miss K - Thank you! I look forward to your questions!