Style Me Saturday: Sequin Skirt

Kylie from My Shopaholic Confessions emailed me the following question about this sequin skirt by Aqua.

I have this skirt that I'm taking to Vegas next week, would love to see some ideas you may have. I've tried the way they did on the model and it was just okay. I've also tried a solid black v-neck.

I actually got inspiration for the looks I came up with for Kylie from a couple different places, the first being the look pictured below from Shopbop. I love how they made a sequin mini more casual by pairing it with a slouchy sweater and you can see my interpretation of the look below (click on any of the items to purchase). I listed two sweaters at different price points, as well as a few different options for the booties (if you want a chunkier boot like she's wearing, click here for a similar style).

If you want a dressier look, I took inspiration from the following photo of actress Jessica Stroup (photo credit). Below the photo are elements that will give you a similar look for less, click on any of the photos to purchase.

Which of these two looks do you prefer? How would you personally style this skirt?


e. said...

I love both looks-- great job! :)

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks e!

Chiara Popalopa said...

I think it depends on wether she wants to accentuate the waist band or not... I think the best would be a plain top, maybe sleeveless, I think it should be tight on the body compared to the model, on the model it looks more like a day outfit than something you wear at Vegas..
If she doesn't want to accentuate, I love the suggestion of the slouchy sweater... It has this laid back look but it still look dressy..
As always, excellent job!!!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks for the suggestions Melody! I like your ideas. :)