What I'm Wearing: Lazy Sunday

Check out today's title inspiration, Andy Samberg is hilarious.

Ok, I'm definitely no Chloe (love her outfit of the day posts!) or Amber (she has such great style!), but hopefully you get the general idea. I think I may need to work on my posing though!

Outfit details:
Oversized v-neck sweater: Aritzia (Not available online)
Skinny jeans: Martin and Osa (No longer available)
Necklace: Classic Designs Sideways Cross Necklace
Boots: Bakers (No longer available)

Get the Look (alternative options):

Splurge - Haute Hippie ($175)

Save - Victoria's Secret ($49 on sale)

Splurge - J Brand 10" skinny jeans ($166)

Save - Forever 21 skinny jeans ($9.50 - click HERE to purchase.)

Splurge - Steve Madden Intyce Boots ($129.90)

Save - Madden Girl Ivorry Wedge Boot ($59.95)

How would you change this outfit to suit your personal style? Do you like this feature, or would you prefer if I just stick to the usual Look 4 Less postings? Feedback is always appreciated!


BG said...

love this feature! and LOVE that necklace. :)

Justine said...

Jen, I'd love to see more of your personal style! That'd be fun. :)


Amber's Notebook said...

Love it jen!! you look great!

montanagirl said...

Love that you are doing IRL pics! Keep doing it!

Anonymous said...

I'm super excited to see your personal style and for the other interactive features you mentioned below!! Love the necklace!

MonkeyBaby said...

Looks comfy but pulled together. To make it my style I'd add a scarf. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley said...

I love it. It is casual but very chic. I want those boots! I am always afraid of mixing brown and blacks, but this shows me how doable it is.

E Hayes said...

I'm excited for your outfits, especially since you say you have more of a 'causal' style...

I love the outfits and inspiration on other blogs like Chloe, Justine, and Kim... but let's face it, I wear jeans, cardis, and flats to work almost daily and own 1.. yes just 1, skirt... I can't wait to see what comfy/casual outfits you come up with!

Amber said...

great outfit jen. I love the over sized sweater.

Pamela said...

love this outfit jen! you should post your outfits I always love what you buy! is your sweater the haute hippie one or the VS one? its adorable.. and love the jeans as well!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Wow, thank you everyone for your comments/feedback so far! I'm glad you're liking this feature!

Brittany, Amber, Sarah, Montanagirl, Justine, anotherfishinthesea - Thank you!

Monkeybaby - A scarf is a great idea! I have a bunch of them but rarely wear them, I might have to try that next time I wear this outfit.

Ashley - Thank you! I used to be afraid of mixing browns and blacks but for some reason I just tried it one day and I love it! I think the cognac color of the boots is very versatile.

E Hayes - It sounds like you and I have similar styles! I hope that you'll continue to like the outfits I post! :)

Pamela - Thanks! My sweater is actually Wilfred from Aritzia, I just posted the Haute Hippie and VS versions since my sweater is not available online (and I purchased it back in July, so I'm not sure it's even available in stores any longer).

Chloe said...

Oh oh oh, thank you *so much* for the shout out! I can't wait to see more OOTD's on you- I like knowing there's a lovely lady somewhere in Iowa with style.



Faith J. said...

This is a great weekend outfit. The boots really make it sing. I love seeing bloggers outfits...keep up the great work!

Mrs. B said...

I LOVE this new feature! Love to see what you're wearing! Keep em coming!

Kristen said...

Love it! I wear something very similar to this all the time! I love your boots!

Jennifer Axcell said...

I like this feature. But would love it even more if, instead of just a link to the splurge and deal styles, you used pictures as links. Similar to how you make your other posts. I like being able to see all of the alternatives. I only click on the ones I am interested in. I am forced to click on all of your links just to see what the pictures of the alternatives look like. Just a thought...

Also, do you have some type of "requests" form for your readers who have a specific designer item in mind, that you could help us find cheaper alternatives for? For example, I am interested in the nautical heels features on all of the Louis Vuitton resort ads right now. If I sent a picture of them to you, would you be able to find something similar for me and your other readers?

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Chloe- You're very welcome! You know I love your style!! :)

Faith J, Mrs. B, Miss K - Thank you!!

Jennifer - Thank you so much for your feedback, I will definitely change the way I post the alternatives (in fact, I'll go ahead and change it now.

I don't currently have a request form, as of now you can just email me at lookforless@gmail.com and I will add it to the list of things I'm keeping an eye out for. I will look into the Louis Vuitton resort ads to see if I can find anything similar (but maybe email me a photo if you can!), and I'll also look into putting a form on the site to make it a little easier to make a request.

Thanks again for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

The Budget Babe said...

I love this development! Your look is totally something I'd wear (and do wear quite frequently). Keep 'em coming.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Budget Babe - Thank you! I will definitely keep this feature, it seems like it has been a hit!