Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Pump

Reader Ashley actually pointed these lookalike pumps out as another alternative to Taylor Momsen's look 4 less featured earlier today. Thanks Ashley!

Alexander McQueen's heart shaped peep toe pump retailed for $925, now marked down to $370 at Foot Candy.

Alexander McQueen at ShopStyle

If you want a similar heart shaped peep toe on your pink patent pumps, Frederick's of Hollywood has a very similar style for $39. Click here if you're interested in purchasing, they also come in red or black.


Beautygirl24 said...

How adorable! I've never seen heart shaped peep toes!

Ashley said...

wow thanks! i kinda feel famous now ;-)

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Beautygirl - Aren't they so cute?!

Ashley - Thanks for spotting a fabulous find (and sharing it with me!)!!