Inspired by...Christian Louboutin

Christin Louboutin's Crepe-de-chien slingbacks retail for $945 and after seeing them on the gorgeous Rachel McAdams, a reader emailed me wondering if I could find a similar shoe for less.

Although I wasn't able to find anything identical, I did find these red slingbacks from Moda Spana that will definitely give you an inspired look on a budget. They retail for $58.39 (on sale) at Heels.com and you can click here if you're interested in purchasing.

Reader Liane also sent in an alternative from Target for $19.99. Click here to view!


G. said...

those shoes are amazing! One day (in my dreams) I shall own a pair of Louboutins! The inspired by find is really great, too!

TracyontheCheap said...

I'm in LOVE with the second pair (I'd be in love with the first pair too if I could anywhere near afford them!)

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

G - Glad you like the inspired by find! I love those Louboutin's too, maybe someday I will be able to own a pair!

Tracy - Aren't they fabulous? I think I need them. Haha.

~Jaime said...

geez...i want the dress too!