Inspired by...Stella McCartney

One outfit that caught my eye on Stella McCartney's spring 2010 runway was this one consisting of a breezy white shirt and button down denim skirt. (Photo credit)

If you like this look too, I've recreated it using several budget friendly items. The first item you'll need is a boyfriend shirt and I chose one from Old Navy, retailing for $26.50. Pair it with this skirt from Topshop ($70), a brown belt from Victoria's Secret ($24.50) and some wedge sandals ($48.71 on sale). I have also included some alternatives at various price points below, click on any of the photos to purchase.

Old Navy at ShopStyle

Topshop at ShopStyle

Victoria's Secret at ShopStyle

Volatile at ShopStyle


zees5 said...

I loved the BF shirt in the 80's and had a few myself (which is dating me), but after all of the last two decades of fashion, it just isn't sexy anymore. But I love the skirt (:

Frances @ It's Sew My Style said...

I love the outfit together, but I don't know that I would wear the items separately.