Anthropologie Rising Vapors Dress

Thanks to reader Jen for sending me this find!

Anthropologie's Rising Vapors dress by RicRac retails for $98 and also comes in dark grey.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Lulu's Just Wave Hello dress comes in black (pictured), teal, and red and retails for $36. It differs some, but will give you a similar look for less cash. You can click here to purchase the black version, here for the teal, or here for the red.

After receiving Jen's email, I did a bit of searching and also found this Calvin Klein dress (in white and VERY limited in availability) which is on sale for $69.90. Click here to see if your size is available.


Kayla said...

I actually like the Lulu's dress the better than Calvin Klein.


Unknown said...

What a great find! Both of them. Nice :-)

Samantha said...

The white is fabulous.