3 Wishes: Fetching Fashions

Justine from Fetching Fashions is the best kind of fashionista - she isn't afraid to out new trends! If you want to get inspiration on how to wear some of the latest items (oxfords, animal print, etc), head on over to her blog! But before you go, check out the three items that made her wish list this summer.

Wish lists (and lists in general) are a favorite of mine, so I'll try and be sucinct with just three wishes-- three categories (and one example in each!) of the things I'm shopping for this summer.

I've been floundering on getting an Equipment silk shirt for some time now but just can't seem to pull the trigger. But if money were no object, there would be no hesitation on this Elise Overland blouse. (Hey, this is a wishlist. Keyword= wish.) Everything about it is perfection: the assymetrical snap closure; the mandarain collar; and the pattern. Ohhhh, that pattern!

Elise Overland at ShopStyle

For something Oprah has deemed an "easy thing to pull off," you'd be surprised at how many "easy" pants I've tried and not liked. Nevertheless, I think it's something I must have this summer-- it's breezy and light, perfect for the 100-degree-plus weather my home city sees for several months. I've finally found the perfect easy pant in these: Nordstrom TBD's Hinge silk pants. The washed black silk is not only scrumptious but very compatible with tons in my closet.


Up until recently (well, really, just this season!), I've always equated leather and suede with winter and fall. Probably out of practicality: it's warm and not so breatheable. But many designers have decided to incorporate leather into their spring and even summer designs, so I thought, hey. Why not! I think a great example of how to do it is this Joie leather tank... made of a lightweight suede leather, it's a great season-round option. It's beautiful in person and totally do-able, trust me!

Joie at ShopStyle


Justine said...

Thanks, Jen! I loved participating. :)

Unknown said...

Ann Taylor has a very similar print in a silk blouse, skirt, dress and sweater! Just search for keyword "animal" on the site.

Amber said...

Wow!! I love that blouse Justine!

Anonymous said...

great post!

Unknown said...

That tank is leather? Wow.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the leather tank! Grabby hands!!!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks for participating Justine!!