3 Wishes: Gigi's Gone Shopping

Gigi from Gigi's Gone Shopping is another one of my favorite bloggers, and her site is incredibly helpful when I'm wondering how a specific J Crew item fits (she also does Anthro, Ann Taylor Loft, and more!!). Also, Gigi just announced that's she's expecting - CONGRATS!! - and has a new blog called Gigi's Gone Parental. Definitely check them out, but first check out her three wish list items for summer.

Jen, you made it really hard to narrow it down to 3 things, but focus is good right? I've done a few cursory passes through my clothing stock in recent weeks. I know I have my fill of nude shoes, floral/floaty tops and jeans. However, in my search I saw space for a couple of things that could come in handy.

Sperry TopSider in platinum gold. Ok...CHECK! I bought these about a month ago and love them. I wear 7.5 and sometimes 8. I tried both sizes and 7.5 were perfect, so these are TTS. I had the classic dark brown TopSiders in junior or high school and wore them till the soles got holes. The metallic gold is a beautiful update.

AT - Sheer Luxe Scarf - I have purchased and returned a couple of floral scarves. Lavender has also made its way in and out of the closet. I finally realized I need a deep rich color in the purple family. I believe in this color as year round, working it in with summer white and gold or silver accessories.

Effe by Hobo - I recently purchased shoes in this color and they are hawt! I probably wouldn't carry this clutch to match the shoes, but the aqua really floats my boat and I have no handbags or clutches in said color.

Thanks, Jen for inviting me to play. I love your finds and always enjoy visiting your blog! I would love to share or remind everyone of the 5 Minutes you graced my blog with in this post.

Gigi's Gone Shopping
Gigi's Gone Parental


annie said...

i too love the sperry topsiders! good choice!

Breezer said...

I first saw those metallic Sperry Topsiders on The Pioneer Woman, and I looooooved them. Glad you got a pair! They're amazingly fun.

Unknown said...

Hi Annie & Breanne at Bella Vita :-)

J - Thanks again for asking me to participate!!