Ash Lotus Wedge - *Updated 9/29/10*

See bottom of post for update.

These strappy wedge booties by Ash retail for $249.95 at Endless.

Ash at ShopStyle

If you've been wanting the look 4 less, Aldo just posted a version that is almost identical to the real thing for $149.95 less. They retail for $100 and are only available in black. Click on the photo below if you're interested in purchasing this great wedge!

Aldo at ShopStyle

*Update - 9/29/10* - Thanks to Miss K from Love, Lipstick, and Pearls, who spotted an even more affordable version of the Ash Lotus wedge. These wedges retail for $35 and come in black, beige, mauve, and brown. Click here to purchase or view all of your color options.


Amber said...

Wow great look for less! I love my ash lotus wedges!

Taylor said...

nice!!! I almost got those ash wedges a while back!!!

Ivy said...

I own the ALDO (Curly) pair and I can tell you that they are the BEST! They are my new comfy shoes and I get compliments each and every time I wear them. I love how the zipper looks as if goes all the way down on the back of the heel but in reality only go down halfway. I tell you for only $100 they are a steal!