Celebrity Look 4 Less: Olivia Palermo

I love this outfit that Olivia Palermo wore to a Tibi event, so I decided to come up with a similar look 4 less! (Photo credit)

This dress by Rachel Rachel Roy isn't exactly like the Tibi dress, but it definitely would work to give you a similar style for less cash (the Tibi version retails for $348). It retails for $99 (click on any of the photos below to purchase), and paired with a yellow cardigan ($59.50), black belt ($24.99), and some black pumps ($44 - click here for an alternative option for $25.50) - you've got a good start to recreating Olivia's colorful look above.


Annemarie said...

Love her style! The yellow cardigan is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

A great look to re-create! Thanks Jen, it's an awesome look 4 less!

Erin Markland

Sarah said...

i LOVE olivia's style as well and expect nothing less than another beautiful outfit! please, if anyone finds another similar and affordable look-a-like dress to her tibi one, do share :)!

thanks jen!

clarissa r. said...

i think the dress you picked is prettier than her tibi dress.