J's Friday Faves

I can't believe it's Friday already!! This week seemed to fly by for me, hopefully it went fast for you guys too. Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? I'm meeting a friend for coffee, relaxing, and hopefully having a picnic at the park with my husband (and Einstein) either Saturday or Sunday! Here are a few things that I'm loving, buying, and lusting after this week...


Tweed jackets for fall! Here are a couple jackets I'm loving at the moment... (click here for first jacket)

These ruffled Report flats, so cute.


This lace top from Charlotte Russe after seeing it on Chloe and Emily. It definitely looks more expensive than $20 in person - this was a great buy!

A couple vintage v-neck tees from Gap. Kinda boring? Maybe...but they are comfy, fit well, and I wear them constantly.

Lusting After:

I love these Loeffler Randall boots!!


Anonymous said...

Those boots are adorable! Think you could post a couple of outfit ideas for the Charlotte lace top? I just got it too and would love some different ways to wear it :)

Erin said...

Preseason football game for me on Saturday, then Sunday writing a final exam - BLEH!

I am also loving the tweed for fall, and I am so with you on the Gap tees.

Gen said...

Speaking of hot tweed/boucle jackets - here is one for cheaper, same style, loving the price


Runaway In LA said...

Not really a huge fan of tweed jackets, but I love the boots! (: So gorgeous! I really want a pair now!