Inspired by...Burberry

I've been admiring this Burberry shearling trimmed sweater for awhile now, but retailing for $550, it's a bit out of my budget.

Burberry at ShopStyle

I realize it has a few differences, but the minute I saw this faux fur collar belted cardigan from Juicy Couture, it immediately brought the pricier Burberry version to mind. This cardigan isn't bargain basement - it still retails for $222.40 (on sale) but it will save you quite a bundle when compared to the Burberry sweater. Click on the photo below if you're interested in purchasing.

Juicy Couture at ShopStyle


Tonya said...

There is a similar sweater to the Juicy Couture one at Old Navy (they also have a vest version).

jav198 said...


I am not a fan of abercrombie generally, but I saw this and immediately thought of the Burberry look.