Style Me Saturday: 4th Grade Teacher

Reader Shea wrote in awhile ago - she's a 4th grade teacher and although she owns a lot of basics (button down shirts, cardigans, khakis, blazers, and boots), she's not sure how to put them together to look professional and stylish while working. She's allowed to wear jeans as long as they are dark and professional looking.

Here are some of the outfits I put together for Shea, ranging from dressy in this first look to more casual in the last look. Click on any image for more information unless otherwise noted.

This first look could be worn with almost any color button down, and could be dressed down a bit by wearing boots instead of kitten heels, and throwing on a colorful cardigan.

I think this second look is my favorite, and again - a blazer or cardigan could be worn over this bow blouse. It could also be paired with a skirt or jeans/boots. Click HERE for the shirt if the photo link isn't working.

This could easily go with a pair of dark jeans, and the shirt would look equally great by itself or with the blazer shown (could also be paired with a cardigan).

This last look may be too casual, but if so - change things up a bit! The sweater and striped top could be paired with a black or grey skirt like THIS, tights, and either boots or kitten heels (seen in the first set). Another way to change the look would be to pair the striped top with a bright scarf like THIS, and a black blazer.

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