Style Me Saturday: Busy Mom

Reader Courtney wrote me wanting some help styling some everyday outfits that would be put together enough to meet with clients (she's an interior designer) but also child friendly (she's a new mom). She is fine with more casual clothes, but just can't seem to find the time to put anything together for herself at the moment. Here are some of my suggestions - click on any item for more information unless otherwise noted!

I love the sweater in this first set (click HERE to purchase)!

I tried to keep the jewelry minimal, and the earrings are all studs to keep baby from pulling out any large earrings!


Dina's Days said...

So funny, my sister is a "busy mom" of a 3 year old and has been stalking that sweater and one very similar to it from Old Navy for a few weeks now. I guess you hit the nail on the head!

Cassie said...

I am not a busy mom, but a busy working girl, that looks boxy in blazer's. I think this knit blazer is perfect for me. I am super stoked! Thanks!


Kari Beth said...

You have pin pointed my "busy mom" style! Love all these looks! Pretty much what I throw on every day!!! I need that sweater!