Style Me Saturday: FL Wedding + Rehearsal Dinner

Reader Kate wrote in because she will be attending a friend's wedding and rehearsal dinner in Florida this spring. She is petite and has blond hair and pale skin. She cannot wear red, orange, green, or most jewel tones but instead prefers pinks, blues, peach/nude tones, aqua, yellow, purple (basically any pastel shade). She loves girly styles, prints, and unique dresses. She wants something knee length or above and tends to wear pretty high heels/wedges and loves anything leg lengthening. Here are the dresses she liked out of the options I sent her, click on any image for more information unless otherwise noted!

First are the two rehearsal dinner dresses she liked...the first is a little more dressy, the second is dressy but a tad more casual (it could be dressed up more by changing the wedges out for pumps or strappy sandals). Click HERE for the black shoes in the first set.

Next are the wedding options. She really loved this Jessica Simpson abstract print dress (click HERE to purchase or view) and you can also click HERE for the yellow shoes shown.

Click HERE for the dress shown below.

Which is your favorite look?


Anonymous said...

I love outfits #3,4 & 5.

Tara said...

Wow, hard to choose. I love both off the shoulder dresses the best. They are beautiful pieces and fun and sophistcated.