Style Me Saturday: NYC in April

Reader Mandy is traveling to NYC in April with her husband and wanted some suggestions for both day and night. Her style is mostly traditional, you can typically find her in a fitted button down, shorts, and havaiana sandals. She wants only skirts or dresses for going out at night, and doesn't want super high heels because she doesn't want to tower over her husband who is only a few inches taller. Here are the outfits I sent Mandy, click on any image for more information unless otherwise noted!

I checked and the average temp for NYC in April is in the 60's during the day and 40's at night. So, I tried to go with layered looks for Mandy so she could remain comfortable no matter the temperature. I chose two coats for Mandy, one a lighter more casual option and a dressier black option in a heavier material that would work for night (but also day if it's a little chilly). If the forecast is calling for much warmer temps, I suggested a black or tan trench coat for evening.

We'll start with the day looks, and you can click HERE for the jeans shown.

This outfit is based on a look recently worn by Emily from The Bachelor (see the photo HERE).

Here are the three dress options I thought would be cute for evening - click HERE for the coat option (also seen in the casual set above).


Jess Norden said...

Do you have any suggestions for other boots? The only size left is 6 :(

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Jess - None are exactly like the ones shown (unless you want to buy the Frye originals) but here are some options:



mandy said...

Thank you so much again! Love the looks :) Mandy