Celine Leopard Loafer - *Updated 6/28/11*

See bottom of post for update.

I was unable to find the exact price of these leopard print loafers from Celine, but based on other Celine shoe prices - they aren't exactly budget friendly.

Steve Madden has a similar (although smaller print) leopard loafer that retails for $112 at Lori's Shoes. To get this similar style for less, you can click on the photo below to purchase.

Steven at ShopStyle

*Update - 6/28/11* - Forever 21 now has a version of these leopard loafers, for a very budget friendly $19.80. Click on the photo below if you're interested in purchasing.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle


Anonymous said...

i adore both of them, but can you find a cheaper version? maybe i'll look too and let you know if i find anything.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Just found a cheaper option at Forever 21!

Unknown said...

This is what you call a bargain!

cailen ascher said...

what cute shoes!!! love them : )

lovin' your blog. i'm your newest follower