Inspired by...Shopbop's Ultimate Closet (Spring Edition)

I've posted looks from Shopbop before because I think their stylists are so stylish and have fantastic, wearable ideas. I love their newest Ultimate Closet, and you should definitely check it out HERE if you haven't already. Many of the items shown in the looks above have sold out already, but if you're interested in any of the specific pieces - you can click on the photos below.

Total for this first look - $1763

Total for the second look - $1906

I put together two similar looks, you can click on any of the images below for more information unless otherwise noted. Total cost of my version can be found above each set.

Total cost - $240.37
(see two alternative top options HERE and HERE)

Total cost - $230.15
(click here for an alternative top)

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Rose said...

Lovely alternatives!