Style Me Saturday: Galapagos Trip

Kim is heading to the Galapagos Islands on May 9th and was hoping I could send her some styling suggestions. Most of the trip will involve nature watching and so she wants pants or shorts. The weather will be mild (getting cooler at night), and she loves Anthropologie's vibrant prints and J Crew's classic styles.

Here are a few outfit ideas I had for Kim, you can click on any image below for more information unless otherwise noted. Note: Someone pointed out that sandals are not practical for hiking. I realize this - but I assume that when people write me for suggestions like this they don't expect me to tell them to just go to the outdoor supply store and buy cargo shorts, tank tops, and hiking boots (not that there's anything wrong with that!). If Kim plans on doing heavy hiking and other activities where she would need more foot support, I would hope that she would bring hiking boots (however unfashionable they may be). Please keep that in mind, thanks! :)

I love this top from Ruche (click HERE to view) and with Kim's love of Anthropologie style, I thought she would like it as well. You can click HERE for the bracelet shown below.

This second look you could also wear it with a tank or vneck tee. I would roll up the sleeves of the top and also roll up the pants to make them more of a cropped skinny (similar to these). Note: Obviously I'm suggesting she wear TOMS and not the high heels that the model is wearing with the pants. Someone commented that high heels were not practical and I was so confused!

This last look you could also wear the TOMS shoes (so comfy!!) instead of the sandals shown.


Tassiegirl said...

Even though I love the suggestions (and this blog) the shoes are not practical.

Kim will need to ditch the sandals and high heels for hiking boots I'm afraid.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks for your feedback! I've never been to Galapagos but Kim said she loved the suggestions, and I'm sure if she plans on doing any major hiking she will be sure to take sensible shoes for such activities.

I'm not sure where you see that I suggested high heels though? If you're talking about the second set, I actually suggested the TOMS shoes, the model is just wearing high heels.

Anyways, I appreciate the feedback - and added some clarification to the post. Thanks for commenting!!