Style Me Saturday: Italian Wedding

Reader Megan is getting married in Positano, Italy this September and is spending some of her time in Rome as well. She's looking for some outfit suggestions for sightseeing/shopping/grabbing a drink at a cafe, one dress for clubbing, and an outfit for the plane ride. She mentioned the temps should be in the 80's. Here are the options I put together for her, click on any of the images below for more info unless otherwise noted.


Pair with a lightweight cardigan to cover shoulders when entering churches (thanks to the reader who pointed this out!).
Note: It seems as though the skirt has gotten so popular it sold out on the F21 website. My suggestion is to look in the store, or click HERE for an alternative (slightly longer) option.

Click HERE for the orange dress shown.


Click HERE for the dress shown.

Plane ride:


Mariel Torres said...

i'm absolutely in love with that 4th look... pure perfection!

LizO830 said...

I love the outfits, but just an FYI about flying in a maxi dress...if you can, go thru the body scanners at TSA. When I went thru the metal detectors, I was taken aside for a "pat down" of my legs. The lady that did my pat down was EXTREMELY handsy and pretty much felt up my lady parts. As comfortable and stylish as they are, I'll never wear one flying again. :(

Johanna said...

Those outfits are cute, but even now, the nights are getting a bit cool - I want long jeans or a sweater in the evenings.

And be careful of the tank top: most churches, particularly in Rome, require that your shoulders are covered (a large scarf over your shoulders/arms is enough).

Oh, and because Positano is basically one gigantic uphill road (as are most coastal Italian towns), personally, I usually wear Toms or boat shoes, rather than flat sandals. (Rome is a LOT of walking too.) Plus, my feet get all swollen on the 9+ hour plane ride. I would worry that all those little straps (so cute though!) would cut into my ankles by the end.

Happy wedding/happy marriage! Congratulations!

Laughably Female said...

I love the skirt in the second look, but the link appears as an error message. Care to provide any additional info on where I can track that darling down?

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Laughably Female - The skirt has now sold out. Here is a similar, slightly longer style: http://store.americanapparel.net/rsa0344.html

Otherwise I would suggest checking your local F21 store.