Anthropologie Tiered Stripes Dress

Reader Lisa emailed me this fantastic find, so a huge thank you to her!!

Anthropologie's tiered stripes dress retails for $188 and also comes in red.

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

This Cha Cha Vente dress from Macy's is a great look 4 less, retailing at a much lower $54.99 (on sale). If you're interested in purchasing, you can click on the image below.

Cha Cha Vente at ShopStyle

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shopaholik said...

I just received this dress from Macy's. I have the sleeveless one from Anthropologie, already. I am very surprised at how much they look alike. The material seems identical. I compared them side by side. I would say the material is identical! The Macy's dress fits exatly the same. For $39 plus shipping, I am so excited.