Inspired by...DV Dolce Vita

These DV Dolce Vita Archer sandals have been spotted on Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad. They retail for $69 and come in a variety of colors.

Dolce Vita at ShopStyle

They do have some differences, such as a missing middle and back strap, but these Mossimo sandals will give you a similar style without breaking the bank. They retail for $14.99 and come in pink, white, or mint as well. Click on the image below for more information or to purchase.

Mossimo at ShopStyle


Annemarie said...

Such a great find! I actually like the less expensive pair better! xo

Becky said...

I bought the pair in hot pink today. I wasn't a fan of the mint color. Mint was more turquoise color. They are super comfy, cute and cheap!

Kristen said...

omg. i'm going to STALK target for these!!

{SweetTennesseeBlog} said...

I ordered all the colors from target! They are so cute and I am not paying $69 for sandals!!