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Dana from The Possessionista, is both fashionable and funny - and I never tire of reading her blog. She's an expert at spotting items worn on tv, so if there's ever an item you just have to have - she's your girl! Thanks so much for participating Dana, all of your favorites are great (Jeans and Glee are two things I love as well!).

1. Jeans - skinny, bootcut, bell, legging? I could not live without denim. Am currently obsessed with the Current Elliot pull on jean - sweatpants meet jeans

2. Glee - Next to Prozac, it's the greatest mood enhancer

3. Cuff boots - I am obsessed with cuff boots. It's like permission to wear legwarmers. Almost.

4. The iPhone - How are you people existing in this world without one?

5. Aritzia's boyfriend shirts. I have them in EVERY color. Oversized, they wash awesome and are long enough to wear with leggings. The blue sheen is my fave. ($70.00 - aritzia.ca)

6. Hooded leather jackets. J'adore the one by Mike and Chris but the faux one at F21 is perfect for this one season item.

7. Platform Shoes - sky high heels that don't kill to walk in? Yes please.

8. Sequin Blazers. These rock! I pair them with a hanes T shirt and distressed jeans. I got mine at Akira for $40. (Note: Akira no longer has the one Dana purchased, but they do have one for $69, as pictured below).

9. Fake diamond earrings. I always wear fake, ginormo studs (I get these at Nordstrom Rack for $11 though because I am always losing them)

10. Goody pony tail ties (I always have at least two on my wrist at any time.)

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Amber said...

I love foldover boots as well! I have the ash olivia's but have been eyeing those!