Inspired by...Shopbop's Ultimate Closet [Work Wear Edition]

I LOVE Shopbop and I especially love their look books. I don't have to dress up for work, but if I did - this collection of classic pieces (with inspiration on how to wear them HERE) is perfection. Below is the link to each item shown in the photo below, if you were to purchase all of these items full price the total would be $4203.

It may be wise to pick an investment piece or two from Shopbop's selection if you plan on wearing it often and in multiple ways, but I also found some budget friendly alternatives that you can choose from below. I also put together the outfit shown in the photo above. Click on any image for more information or to puchase, obviously some items aren't exact, but I tried to come as close as possible to give you a similar feel (Please note: The silk shirt from VS does come in white, it's just not shown). Click HERE for an alternative bag option. Total for all the items shown is: $567.18 (it may be less, I believe the Mango pants are on sale!)


ekegley said...
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ekegley said...

This is also amazing as a packing list for a work weekend conference I have coming up!

Lauren K said...

This is fabulous! I was so excited to see the Shopbop list, and even more so to see your version : )