Celeb Style Steal: Jennifer Aniston in Abercrombie & Fitch

Jennifer Aniston wore these Abercrombie & Fitch Louisa shorts while on the set of The Bounty in NYC recently. (Photo credit: Just Jared)

If you want Jennifer's shorts, they're currently on clearance (in limited sizes) on the Abercrombie site. Check your local store for more size availability, or click here to purchase.

Jennifer also wore these olive green Ryan shorts from Abercrombie recently.

If you love these shorts as well, you're in luck because they're also on clearance and have more sizes available. Click here to purchase these for $29.90 or view the other colors available.


Unknown said...

Great find, you'd have to be very confident to wear anything that short though!

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Madeleine said...

God, i love those shorts on JA, i wish i have those legs. Anyway i am just stopping by to say that i really really like your blog. I would love to ad one another as followers. Just let me know or you can ad me and i will do the same later. Just trying to network with other creative souls.

Unknown said...

so cute! I love this on her and although she is super skinny and fit, I would wear them longer ...right before the leg gets bigger at the top, 3 more inches maybe. linking to you via this via http://lovemaegan.tumblr.com/


Megan said...

I didn't even know people were wearing Amercrombie anymore!! They all went out of business in the Kansas City area.

I like her style, but longer shorts for sure! :)

Chloe said...

Could she get any hotter? Sheesh. I love the shorts- good find!

San said...

The Ryan shorts are now reduced to $19.90 as well!

Great finds!

The Budget Babe said...

i think they're just the right length on JA, which is odd because i'm not usually a fan of short shorts. she looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

I would only buy these shorts at clearance price. Went to go buy a couple online and all they had were really odd sizes like 00 and 12. Going to try to go to the mall this weekend to see if I get lucky. Great post!

7ths said...

Jennifer Aniston is always pretty in casual stylish style. Love her♥

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